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Argh! Welcome Pirate!

The Pirate Party is a technology-oriented political society, driven by the belief that civil liberties and personal freedoms should take precedence over private and corporate interests. We embrace the ideals of free culture and unrestricted access to information. The society strives to preserve personal privacy and oppose censorship and surveillance. We manage the Trinity VPN, which helps students overcome internet censorship. The Pirate Party also organises regular Hackathons, CTFs (Capture the Flag), and seminars on Ethical Hacking, Privacy, and Cyber-Security.

We run the Trinity VPN, of which there are many benefits:

  • Encrypt your traffic and enhance your anonymity
  • Access services blocked by your internet service provider (e.g. BitTorrent, online gaming)
  • No throttling, no bandwidth caps, no logs
  • Access geoblocked content from anywhere

I haven't signed up yet, can I join?

You're in luck, landlubber! You can get on board right here, right now and pay by credit/debit card to get instant access to the VPN. Make sure you have valid @tcd.ie email address!


I clicked the link in the email but I got a "reset password token has expired" message. Help?

Please initiate another password reset by clicking the button below and entering the email address you signed up with:

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