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Welcome to Pirates!

D.U. Pirate Party offers a fast, dedicated VPN service to members of our society. Membership costs just €2 per year (or €2.35 if you pay by credit/debit card).

VPN benefits:

I haven't signed up yet, can I join?

We now take online signups! You can pay online by credit/debit card and get instant access to the VPN. You must have a valid @tcd.ie email address to sign up:


I signed up at the stand, what now?

You should have received an email with a link allowing you to set your password. If you didn't get an email, please click this link and enter your email address again:

Reset Password

If you still do not receive an email, please email info@pirates.ie.

I clicked the link in the email but I got a "reset password token has expired" message. Help?

Please initiate another password reset by clicking the button below and entering the email address you signed up with:

Reset Password